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Science, design and technology professionals

You can join SGR as a member if you agree with SGR's aims. Membership is open to scientists (physical scientists, life scientists, social scientists) architects, engineers, computing and IT professionals, designers and others in related or interdisciplinary areas. We also welcome those who teach in these areas as well as students or those who are retired. Members are invited to contribute their expertise to help make SGR even more effective. Join as a member.

Associate members (supporters)

Even if you are not a professional in science, design or technology, you can still join SGR. Associate membership is open to members of the public who share our concerns, agree with SGR's aims and have an interest in the positive use of science, design and technology. Join as an associate member (supporter).

Overseas members

SGR welcomes overseas members and associates, but you should be aware that SGR's main focus is on the UK dimension of ethical science, design and technology. If you would like to join an international organisation or locate one of SGR's sister organisations in your own country, try the International Network of Engineers and Scientists for Global Responsibility (INES) or International Architects Designers Planners for Social Responsibility (ARC-Peace).

What you get from joining SGR

  • a regular newsletter including news and thought-provoking articles on current controversies in science, design and technology
  • free copies of SGR's publications on ethical careers in science, design and technology
  • discounts on SGR conference fees and other SGR publications
  • members can also subscribe to the SGR email list sgrforum

Most importantly, you will be part of an increasingly influential network of ethically concerned science, design and technology professionals.

Membership fees and payment details

The subscription rates for members and associate members are:

  • Waged: £36.00 p.a.
  • Concessions: £18.00 p.a.

Payment should preferably be made by standing order, as this significantly reduces our administration costs. By making this regular payment you are providing SGR with the means to expand and develop its work, make long term plans and use its resources to best effect. If you set up a standing order for £5 or more each month, or £60 or more each year, we'll send you a free copy of our report Offensive Insecurity: The Role of Science and Technology in UK Security Strategies.

To join by standing order or by cheque, please print out and fill in the Membership Application Form
and return it to the SGR office.

To join online, please follow this link.