Military influence on sci&tech

SGR has long been concerned about the military influence on science and technology. In 2003, we began project work in this area, carrying out research, education and advocacy activities. Our main outputs are listed below.

In short, SGR believes that the military exerts far too much influence over science, engineering and technology in the UK and elsewhere - and this leads to an over-emphasis on weapons and technology based approaches to tackling conflict. We believe there needs to be a major shift in both resources and emphasis away from military science and technology towards areas such as cleaner technology, research on non-violent conflict resolution, and science and technology for poverty alleviation. The concept of 'Security' also needs to be considered much more broadly to include many of the pressing issues that face the world today - issues which can be addressed by drawing upon the expertise that resides in science and technology.

SGR gives lectures on this issue - see our Forthcoming Events page for the latest information.

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SGR has published five reports/ briefings as part of its project work on the military influence on science and technology. We have also published numerous articles and given many presentations. The main outputs are listed here, together with some of the media coverage, while all material is indexed in the Security and disarmament section of this website. Read on...

What they said about our reports...

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