Autumn 2008

Feature articles cover: high-alert nuclear weapons; military influence at UK universities; UK climate strategy; new nuclear weapons campaign; nuclear waste management; sustainable housing; expanding renewable energy

Military influence, commercial pressures and the compromised university

Authors : Chris Langley, Stuart Parkinson and Philip Webber

Published : May 2008

Pages : 28

Winter 2008

Feature articles cover: military R&D v. renewable energy R&D; climatic impact of nuclear war; UK nuclear weapons and employment; 'peak oil'; environmental impacts of bathing; UK planning policy; arms trade success; 'Missile Defence' in Europe; military robotics; biofuels and sustainability; ethics in science

The militarisation of science and technology - an update

Authors : Chris Langley, Stuart Parkinson, Philip Webber

Published : August 2007

Pages : 16

Summer 2007

Feature articles cover: Iran's nuclear strategy; solar power; road safety; GM crops; ethics and science; climate change science; architecture and social justice; minefields; biofuels and sustainability

Winter 2007

Feature articles cover: local sustainable energy; military robotics; global security; biofuels and sustainability; energy policy and jobs; choice and service provision

Author: Anne Chapman

Published: October 2006

Pages : 8

Summer 2006

Feature articles cover: nuclear power and nuclear weapons debates; imbalances between resources for the military and human development; renewable energy in UK; nanotechnology and risk; clinical research; ethical pledge

12 inspiring cases of ethical careers in science and technology

Editors: Stuart Parkinson and Vanessa Spedding

Published : April 2006

Pages : 29

Author: Stuart Parkinson

Published: January 2006

Pages : 8

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