About resources/ issues


SGR produces a number of resources on a range of issues.

This section indexes the following resources (as shown in the side-bar):

  • reports and briefings
  • newsletter articles
  • presentations
  • press releases
  • other documents, such as letters and submissions to official inquiries

and covers the following issues (also shown in the side-bar):

  • security and disarmament, including nuclear weapons, conventional weapons, conflict prevention etc
  • climate change and energy, including climate science and policy, renewable energy, nuclear power etc
  • who controls science and technology? including vested interests and related policy issues
  • emerging technologies, including genetically-modified organisms, nanotechnologies etc
  • other issues, including the built environment, sustainable development, space technology etc

By clicking on any item in the side-bar, you will access a full list of SGR's material grouped by that category. You can also group material by the year of publication.

Material in this section includes all SGR's main outputs since 2005, with a selection of the more important material from before then.