Announcing Scientists for Global Responsibility Newsletter 41

Bumper 20th anniversary issue published - 11 expert authors provide important and novel analysis of controversial issues in science, design and technology.

Press release, 22 October 2012

Feature articles cover:

  • The major decline in UK military R&D spending – as campaigned for by Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR)
  • Breaking the deadlock in Iran – using renewable energy to tackle the impasse over Iran’s nuclear programme
  • Local sustainable energy projects – the potential for city-scale low carbon programmes to tackle economic, social and environmental problems far more successfully than current UK government initiatives
  • Warnings on the rise of synthetic biology
  • Energy from the ocean: the UK dimension
  • How influential are the climate change sceptics?
  • Problems of corporate influence within science communication
  • Latest progress on the road towards a nuclear weapons-free world
  • Analysis of the Fukushima nuclear disaster and its aftermath
  • What kind of low carbon future do we want?
  • Sustainable building materials: how eco-friendly are they?  

The issue also includes articles marking SGR’s 20th anniversary – including a retrospective of the organisation’s first 20 years, and thoughts and memories from leading figures over this period.

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