Climate change and energy

SGR produces a range of outputs on the issue of 'Climate change and energy'. This covers climate change science, technological and policy responses to climate change, energy supply technologies (especially renewable energy and nuclear power), energy use and energy efficiency (including in transport and buildings), and related policy and lifestyle issues.

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SGR is one of 60 organisations now supporting the 'Demand a better bill' campaign, which proposes major improvements to the UK government's proposed energy saving legislation, 6 May 2011

SGR has co-signed a letter of complaint to the BBC about bias in a Radio 4 programme, Fallout: the legacy of Chernobyl, 5 May 2011

Taking the conflict in Libya as a starting point, Stuart Parkinson, SGR, argues that a major shift in security and industrial strategies in the UK and other industrialised countries would bring about a more secure and sustainable world.

Presentation at Liverpool Hope University on 31 March 2011

Stuart Parkinson, SGR, takes an initial look at the lessons from the Japanese tsunami and the Fukushima nuclear emergency. He argues that if societies are to be more ‘resilient’ to environmental risks, then major socio-economic and technological changes are critical.

Article for SGR website, 17 March 2011

Climate scientists have had a poor press in recent months. Stuart Parkinson, SGR, investigates whether this is a sign that the scientific evidence of climate change is less robust, or just media misrepresentation.

Article from SGR Newsletter no. 39, winter 2011 (published online 4 March 2011)

SGR response to the UK government consultation on an updated Waste Transfer Pricing Methodology for the disposal of higher activity waste from new nuclear power stations, 4 March 2011

Stuart Parkinson, SGR, argues that recently announced military cuts coupled with an expanding ‘green’ sector suggest the start of major shift in the UK economy.

Article from SGR Newsletter No. 39, winter 2011 (published online: 26 January 2011)

Claus Montonen, University of Helsinki/ Technology for Life Finland, reveals disturbing evidence of shortcuts, overspending and commercial infighting during the construction of Olkiluoto 3 – the first of a planned new generation of nuclear power stations in Europe.

Stuart Parkinson, SGR, looks at whether the much heralded 'nuclear renaissance' is happening elsewhere.

Articles from SGR Newsletter No. 39, winter 2011 (published online: 26 January 2011)

David Elliott, Open University, critically assesses the financial mechanisms offered by the UK government to stimulate growth in renewable energy technologies.

Article from SGR Newsletter No. 39, winter 2011 (published online: 26 January 2011)

With Addendum (published online: 2 February 2011)

Stuart Parkinson, SGR, examines the government’s spending cuts.

Article from SGR Newsletter No. 39, winter 2011 (published online: 26 January 2011)