Climate change and energy

SGR produces a range of outputs on the issue of 'Climate change and energy'. This covers climate change science, technological and policy responses to climate change, energy supply technologies (especially renewable energy and nuclear power), energy use and energy efficiency (including in transport and buildings), and related policy and lifestyle issues.

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Stuart Parkinson outlines the stark conclusions that emerge from the latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Article from SGR Newsletter no. 34, summer 2007

Given the recent media attention devoted to climate sceptic views, Stuart Parkinson debunks some of their most common claims.

Article from SGR Newsletter no. 34, summer 2007

Notes of a workshop given by Stuart Parkinson, SGR, at the Camp for Climate Action, on 15 August, 2007

Main Text of Response to Consultation by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs on the draft Climate Change Bill, 12 June 2007

Philip Webber describes how a small council-based environment unit implemented one of the UK’s largest programmes on local sustainable energy, despite a wide range of obstacles.

Article from SGR Newsletter no. 33, winter 2007

With the announcement of new nuclear power stations for the UK, Stuart Parkinson questions whether there will be enough skilled workers to deliver them, and asks whether the attempt will divert workers from sectors such as renewable energy.

Article from SGR Newsletter no. 33, winter 2007

Notes of a presentation given by Dr Stuart Parkinson, SGR, at the Network for Peace AGM, London, 10 February 2007

Presentation by Dr Stuart Parkinson, SGR, at a seminar organised by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, at the Houses of Parliament in December, 2006

The presentation uses government and industry data to carry out a new analysis of the degree to which Trident replacement could undermine action on climate change. It concludes there is significant threat - due to competition for both funding and skills.

Response to Consultation on the UK Government's Policy Framework for New Nuclear Build, submitted on 31 October 2006

Letter to John Sauven, Greenpeace, re Legal action over the UK Energy Review 2006

Text of a letter sent on 11th October 2006 by Dr Stuart Parkinson, SGR