Text of an SGR letter, 17 March 2003

SGR Statement, 14 March 2003

Text of Submission to the Scottish Parliament Re:Farm-scale Trials of Genetically Modified (GM) Oilseed Rape at Munlochy, Scotland; 3 March 2003

Open Knowledge - A proposed adaptation of Open Science, focusing on guidelines for knowledge claims

(This is a slightly edited reprint of an article published by Alan Cottey in SGR Newsletter, No 26, February 2003, pp 17-18)

Text of a letter sent by SGR to Members of the Scottish Parliament; 2 February 2003

SGR statement submitted as evidence to the House of Commons' Select Committee on Defence; 8 January 2003

ISIS-SGR-INES-TWN Discussion Paper

Mae-Wan Ho, Eva Novotny, Philip Webber and E E Daniels

Prepared for conference in November 2002, and subsequently modified

SGR Submission to the Scottish Parliamentary Health and Community Care Committee, November 2002

Response to 'Energy Policy: Key Issues for Consultation', September 2002

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