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David Webb suggests current US plans for missile defence may cause more problems than they solve.

Article from SGR Newsletter, no. 35, winter 2008

Iran is under scrutiny: Western governments claim its nascent nuclear power programme masks plans for nuclear weapons development. Frank Barnaby, Oxford Research Group, assesses the validity of the West’s claims and argues that use of military force against Iran’s nuclear programme will only make matters worse.

Article from SGR Newletter, no. 34, summer 2007

The ingenious use of mirrors and DC electrical grid technology could provide a significant new source of power from desert sunlight. Gerry Wolff explains.

Article from SGR Newsletter no. 34, summer 2007

GM potatoes are being trialled at a site in Cambridgeshire, with more planned. Eva Novotny explains why we should be on our guard.

Article from SGR Newsletter no. 34, summer 2007

Stuart Parkinson outlines the stark conclusions that emerge from the latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Article from SGR Newsletter no. 34, summer 2007

Given the recent media attention devoted to climate sceptic views, Stuart Parkinson debunks some of their most common claims.

Article from SGR Newsletter no. 34, summer 2007

Does the patent system encourage inappropriate commercial influence over biotechnology research? Helen Wallace, GeneWatch, argues that it does, and invites us to take part in an investigation to uncover and address the reality.

Article from SGR Newsletter no. 34, summer 2007

The SGR report ‘Soldiers in the Laboratory’ prompted Steve Wright, Leeds Metropolitan University, to consider the real-life legacy of military involvement in science and engineering. Here he describes an eye-opening trip that showed him just what that means.

Article in SGR Newsletter no. 34, summer 2007

An increasing number of organisations are using skilled volunteers to provide practical help for humanitarian problems. Chris Medland introduces one such organisation, in the field of design: Architecture for Humanity.

Article from SGR Newsletter no. 34, summer 2007

Philip Webber describes how a small council-based environment unit implemented one of the UK’s largest programmes on local sustainable energy, despite a wide range of obstacles.

Article from SGR Newsletter no. 33, winter 2007