AI & robotics: main outputs

SGR has published one report and numerous other outputs on ethical concerns related to artificial intelligence and robotics. The main outputs are listed here. Further material can be found in the Emerging Technologies section of this website.

Reports and briefings

Artificial intelligence: how little has to go wrong?
Autonomous weapons, driverless cars and friendly spies in the home

Andrew Simms, with Stuart Parkinson; November 2018

Main articles

UK universities and the further development of killer robots
Nico Edwards, Responsible Science journal, May 2023

Are UK universities being drawn into developing autonomous weapons?
Leyla Manthorpe Rizatepe, Responsible Science journal, October 2021

Lethal and autonomous: coming soon to a sky near you
Peter Burt, Responsible Science journal, June 2019

Prospects of robotic warfare are chilling but recognised
John Finney, Responsible Science journal, June 2019

An AI apocalypse isn’t the problem – technology-driven inequality is
Andrew Simms, New Scientist, November 2018

The quest for ‘brain-like machines’
Michael Reinsborough, SGR Newsletter, September 2016

Intervening in the 'rise' of the lethal autonomous weapon
Lucy Suchman, Responsible Science blog, September 2015

Automating warfare is ethically dangerous
Noel Sharkey, SGR Newsletter, January 2012

Armed drones: how remote-controlled, high-tech weapons are used against the poor
David Hookes, SGR Newsletter, winter 2011

The grim reality of robots at war
Noel Sharkey, SGR Newsletter, winter 2008

Predators, drones and robofly: robotics and the military
Chris Langley, SGR Newsletter, winter 2007