Science4Society Week 2015

Science4Society Week is a set of inspiring science education activities for young people. The activities focus on the positive contribution that science, design and technology can make to peace, social justice and environmental sustainability.

Science4Society Week 2015 ran from 16th to 23rd March.

NB Go to our new dedicated Science4Society website for the latest information!


This year’s activities included:

  • Trips/tours. School children and university students visited inspiring schemes, such as:
    • community-run renewable energy projects, including hydro, solar and biomass systems;
    • super-insulated eco-homes; and
    • innovative sharing schemes, such as cohousing and car clubs.
  • Interactive lessons on science, technology and ethics. Children took part in an exciting range of classroom activities, including:
    • planning renewable energy schemes for an island community;
    • building model wind turbines; and
    • debating technology justice and science ethics.
      If you would like to use these resources, they can be downloaded here

Activities are designed to integrate with the national curriculum. They took place in North England, as this is where SGR is based. In future years, more activities will take place further afield. A brief report on 2015 activities can be found here, while a summary of pilot activities in 2014 can be found here.

For further information on our activities and how to get involved, please contact us.

  • Links to similar resources provided by other organisations are listed here


As a matter of policy, SGR accepts no funding from arms or fossil fuel corporations, which fund a lot of science education activity in the UK.

Funding for the 2015 activities came from (in alphabetical order): Lush Charity Pot; Martin Ryle Trust; and Scurrah Wainwright Charity. We are very grateful for their contributions.

If your organisation would be interested in funding/sponsoring future years, please contact us.