We currently focus on four main issues: disarmament and security, climate change and energy, questions of who controls science and technology and issues surrounding new and emerging technologies. You will also see that we work on some other issues too. You can explore these with the menu on the left of this page and with the search function. Material in this section includes all SGR's main outputs since 2005, with a selection of the more important material from before then.

Response to 'Energy Policy: Key Issues for Consultation', September 2002

Article by Eva Novotny from SGR Newsletter 25, July 2002

Summary by Philip Webber, SGR, June 2002

Chardon Report I, May 2002. Chardon LL is intended to be fed, as a whole plant, to cattle. No experiments on the suitability of such a diet have been made. Approval of the application of Aventis for commercial growing of this maize in the United Kingdom was granted on the basis of two animal-feeding experiments, one on the feeding of maize kernels to chickens and the other on the feeding of the isolated GM protein to rats.

Summary and full report, May 2002 

Report IV, May 2002 

Report V, May 2002 

Milan Rai looks at UK nuclear weapons policy in the wake of recent government statements regarding Iraq.

Article from SGR Newsletter 25, May 2002

Philip Webber responds to an article by Anthony Browne in the Observer. The newspaper declined to print either this response or a condensed version.

Article from SGR Newsletter 24, March 2002