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Autonomous weapons, driverless cars and friendly spies in the home

Authors: Andrew Simms, with Stuart Parkinson

Published: November 2018

Pages: 13

Publisher: Scientists for Global Responsibility

Authors: Philip Webber and Stuart Parkinson

Published: August/ September 2015

Pages: 16

Publisher: Scientists for Global Responsibility

Examining the evidence

Authors: Gwen Harrison, Stuart Parkinson and Gary McFarlane

Published: July 2014

Pages: 16

Addendum AA1 to Offensive Insecurity

Author: Stuart Parkinson

Published: February 2014

Pages: 5

The role of science and technology in UK security strategies

Author: Stuart Parkinson, Barnaby Pace and Philip Webber

Published: September 2013

Pages: 67

Author: Philip Webber

Published: February 2013

Pages: 4

The detrimental effects of commercial influence on science and technology

Author : Chris Langley and Stuart Parkinson

Published : October 2009

Pages : 80

Military influence, commercial pressures and the compromised university

Authors : Chris Langley, Stuart Parkinson and Philip Webber

Published : May 2008

Pages : 28

The militarisation of science and technology - an update

Authors : Chris Langley, Stuart Parkinson, Philip Webber

Published : August 2007

Pages : 16