SGR is now hydro-powered!

ResponsibleSci blog, 18 December 2014



Today, the electricity supplied to SGR's office at Halton Mill came from a new community hydro plant just up-river, installed by Halton Lune Hydro (HLH). This morning the plant passed the test to enable it to export electricity to the grid.

The electricity is being generated by a 100kW Kaplan turbine. A second turbine is planned to be installed in a year's time. When both turbines are operating, it is expected to supply enough electricity for 300 average homes, saving over 500 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

HLH is a 'society for the benefit of the community' or 'Bencom'.

The plant has been fitted with a fish screen, fish pass and monitoring system - all approved by the Environment Agency - which will lead to local ecological benefits.

More information is available on HLH's website.

Investors are still welcome to buy shares to support the installation of the second turbine.