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SGR Conference and AGM 2011

Alan Baxter and Associates’ Gallery, London, UK; 21 May


  • Geo-engineering the Climate
    Prof Joanna Haigh, Imperial College London
  • Robots on the Battlefield: Ethical and Humanitarian Implications
    Prof Noel Sharkey, Sheffield University
  • Emerging Technologies and Risk: the Social, Cultural and Political Dimensions
    Dr Bronislaw Szerszynski, Lancaster University

Eight posters were presented in the afternoon session

A summary, powerpoint presentations, and newsletter articles are available from this event.

SGR Conference and AGM 2009

Alan Baxter and Associates’ Gallery, London, UK; 24 October


  • The UK Low Carbon Transition Plan - Where are we going?
    Dr Tim Foxon, Sustainability Research Institute, Leeds University/ SGR
  • Arms conversion for a low carbon economy
    Prof David Webb, Praxis Centre, Leeds Metropolitan University
  • A trade union programme for the creation of one million climate-change jobs
    Dr Gareth Dale, Brunel University

Eight posters were presented in the afternoon session.

Summary by Kate Macintosh and Stuart Parkinson


SGR Conference and AGM 2008

Alan Baxter and Associates’ Gallery, London, UK; 25 October


  • Social Housing: From Paternalism to Cooperatives
    Kate Macintosh MBE, Vice Chair, SGR
  • Making Sustainable Building and Places
    Prof Sandy Halliday, Gaia Research

Ten posters were presented in the afternoon session.

Summary by Alasdair Beal


SGR Conference and AGM 2007

University of London Union, UK; 6 October

Main presentations:
'Climate change and conflict' by Dan Smith, Secretary-General, International Alert
'Energy, peak oil and conflict' by Dr Mandy Meikle, Depletion Scotland

Workshops: Water and conflict - past, present and future; Using less in our homes; Volunteering for SGR

Summarised by Stuart Parkinson, Martin Quick, Tim Foxon, Sean Macintosh


SGR Conference and AGM 2006

University of London Union, UK; 21 October

Main presentations:
'Making Peacebuilding Work' by Prof John Sloboda, Executive Director, Oxford Research Group
'Implementing Sustainable Energy at a Local Level' by Dr Philip Webber, Kirklees Metropolitan Council/ SGR

Workshops: Science and Positive Security - Tools for Change; SGR and the Trade Union Movement; Finding an Ethical Career in Science, Design and Technology

Summary by Patrick Nicholson


SGR/AESR Conference and AGMs 2005

Friends Meeting House, London; 22 October 2005

Main presentations:
'From Space Weapons to Basic Human Needs – Technology and the Security Agenda' by Prof David Webb, Leeds Metropolitan University
'Nuclear Power – They Can’t Be Serious!' by Prof Mark Whitby, Whitbybird Ltd
'The Role of Solar Electricity in Sustainable Building' by Prof Keith Barnham, Imperial College, London

Summary by Patrick Nicholson


Launch of SGR report, Soldiers in the Laboratory

Houses of Parliament (Committee room 7); 19 January 2005

Main speakers:
Dr Ian Gibson, Chair, House of Commons Select Committee on Science and Technology
Prof Steven Rose, Dept. of Biological Sciences, Open University
Dr Chris Langley, SGR

Summary by Philip Webber


SGR Conference and AGM, 2004

University of London Union; 15 May 2004

Main presentations:
'Eco-efficiency of Quality of Life, not Economic Activity' by Roger Levett, Levett-Therivel Sustainability Consultants
'Sustainable Consumption, Eco-Taxation and Social Justice' by Dr Simon Dresner, Policy Studies Institute

Workshops: The link between unsustainable consumption and conflict; Overcoming the barriers to sustainable energy use; The role of new technologies in the transition to a sustainable world; Moving to a sustainable food system

Summary by Patrick Nicholson


SGR Conference and AGM 2003

Friends Meeting House, London; 13 September 2003

Main presentations:
'The Risk of Nuclear Terrorism' by Dr Frank Barnaby, Oxford Research Group
'An End to the UK's Nuclear Weapons' by Prof John Finney, British Pugwash Group/ University College London



SGR discussion meeting

University of London Union; 10 November 2002

Main presentations:
'Science, Knowledge and the Public Good' by Dr Nicholas Maxwell, University College London
'Introduction to the Convention on Knowledge' by Dr Mae Wan Ho, Director, Insitute of Science in Society

Summary by Patrick Nicholson