Creating a better world

Some lessons for the next 25 years

SGR's 25th anniversary conference and AGM

The Gallery, Farringdon, London, UK; 28 October 2017

With the world facing heightened risks of nuclear war, the growing threat of severe climate change, and numerous other major problems, fears are once again growing for our future. Yet a look at evidence from history, science and technology provides lessons for how rapid positive changes could take place in our society. SGR's 25th anniversary conference drew upon some of the latest research to look at what could be achieved in the not-so-distant future.

A summary of the conference and other outputs are available to download.

Speakers included:

Andrew Simms, New Weather Institute

Dr Philip Webber, Scientists for Global Responsibility

Download summary of conference (from SGR Newsletter)

Download speakers' abstracts and biographies

Download Dr Philip Webber's presentation, Transforming the security agenda

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