Science superpower or techno dead-end: what would a globally responsible Britain look like?

SGR 30th anniversary conference and AGM; online

Wednesday 19 October 2022; 16.00 to 19.00 (UK time)

The British government claims it wants the nation to be a 'science superpower' and a leader in 'technological progress' - but are its policies in these areas pushing society down even more unjust, unsustainable and militaristic pathways? Against the background of growing economic injustice, increased antagonism between major powers, and failing climate action, this conference examined the key changes needed in the UK science and technology landscape that will help improve the situation. It called out the false technofixes and highlighted where action for a brighter future should really be focused.

  • Is the war in Ukraine derailing UK action on climate and social justice?
    Dr Stuart Parkinson, Scientists for Global Responsibility
    Watch the 13-minute video here. Download Stuart's slides here.
  • Zero carbon aviation?
    Anne Kretzschmar, Stay Grounded
    Watch the 8-minute video here.
  • Nuclear is on the front-line of climate change, and not in a good way
    Dr Paul Dorfman, Sussex University/ Nuclear Consulting Group
    Watch the 10-minute video here. Download Paul's slides here.
  • Misleading marketing of plug-in hybrids as electric vehicles
    Anna Jonsson, New Weather Sweden
    Watch the 8-minute video here.
  • Drowning in confusion: negative emissions technologies and carbon offsetting
    Josie Wexler, Ethical Consumer
    Watch the 8-minute video here.
  • Lessons from the pandemic for a rapid transition
    Andrew Simms, Scientists for Global Responsibility
    Watch the 6-minute video here.
  • Green New Deal and a just transition
    Ann Pettifor, PRIME
    Watch the 8-minute video here.
  • Getting real: the technology and behaviour changes needed for unavoidable emissions reduction
    Prof Kevin Anderson, Universities of Manchester & Uppsala
    Watch the 8-minute video here.

The programme, summaries of each talk and profiles of the speakers can be found here.

The AGM agenda can be found here.

[image credit: Gerd Altmann via Pixabay]

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