Universities for sale?

The influence of the arms, fossil fuels and other industries

SGR conference and AGM 2016

The Gallery, Farringdon, London, UK; 19 November

This conference discussed the ways in which controversial industries are involved at UK universities, how government policies encourage this, and the range of detrimental effects - and then discussed proposals for change.

Presentations are available to download/ view.



Dr Stuart Parkinson, Executive Director, Scientists for Global Responsibility

Maeve McClenaghan, Senior Investigator, Greenpeace UK

David Smythe, Emeritus Professor of Geophysics, University of Glasgow

Dr Aubrey Blumsohn, previously Senior Lecturer in Medicine, University of Sheffield

John Holmwood, Professor of Sociology, University of Nottingham; co-founder, Campaign for the Public University

Nicholas Maxwell, Emeritus Reader of Philosophy of Science, University College London


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