SGR is now a Company Limited by Guarantee


It was agreed at our 2022 AGM to change SGR's legal status from an unincorporated association to a Company Limited by Guarantee. This change provides liability protection to the staff and volunteers who run SGR, and will enable SGR to access a greater range of funding sources.

Scientists for Global Responsibility is now officially registered with Companies House (Company no. 14430023), with six initial directors.

The following documents explain the new governance arrangements:

The following section is an extract from our Articles of Association.

SGR's Objects

The objects of the Company are to promote and co-ordinate research, education, discussion and related activities of scientists, engineers and those in related professions, aiming to further the ethical practice and use of science, design and technology, with a particular focus on:

a) campaigning for the globally just and responsible application of science and technology that contributes to peace and justice in human society and to the long-term well-being of the wider environment;

b) working for the elimination of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction;

c) promoting applications of science and technology that respect and work within planetary boundaries, including limits related to the climate system, biodiversity and ecosystems;

d) promoting a transfer of human and financial resources away from military applications and towards civilian ones;

e) promoting a transfer of human and financial resources away from non-renewable energy and material sources and towards renewable ones;

f) campaigning for adequate analyses of the benefits, risks and uncertainties of technological innovations (especially those, such as artificial intelligence and biotechnology, with great potential for good or ill) before commitment to their use or non-use;

g) promoting economic ideas and policies which are consistent with a) to f) above;

h) promoting a culture that recognises both the expertise of specialists and the needs of all those affected by science and technology; and

i) promoting the conditions in which scientists, engineers and those in related professions may use their skills in ways consistent with the values expressed in a) to f) above. Such conditions include the existence of pluralist, accountable sources of funding, and the ability of professionals in these fields to publish their work freely and without risk of reprisals.

The Company is not established for private gain and any surplus or assets are applied to advance the Objects.