Week Of Science and Peace

up to 2001

The International Week of Science and Peace (IWOSP) was designated by the UN for the 15 years up to 2000, as being the week containing 11 November. For a number of years up until 2000, SGR co-ordinated the UK arm, organising and publicising a series of local events around the country under the theme. Alan Cotttey was SGR's co-ordinator. In 2001, SGR ran UKWOSP in the absence of IWOSP.

The spirit of IWOSP and UKWOSP was affirmed in a UN 'Science and Peace' resolution which addresses all the main aspects of the relation between science and peace. It affirms the role of science in:

  • promoting international peace, security and co-operation
  • promoting human rights
  • promoting the social and economic development of mankind
  • protecting the environment.