Announcing Scientists for Global Responsibility Newsletter 43

Media release, 27 February 2015

New issue published. Expert authors provide novel and important analysis of controversial issues in science, design and technology.

Feature articles cover:

  • Shale gas and fracking: SGR’s updated research on the environmental and social concerns
  • Science and engineering for war: looking at the alternatives
  • Corporate influence on research on genetically-modified crops
  • Major failings in the government’s domestic energy efficiency programmes
  • The forgotten dangers of inadvertent nuclear weapons use
  • New proposals for controlling global carbon emissions
  • The struggle to ban chemical weaponry: lessons from World War I to the present


A full list of articles is given at: /publications/sgr-newsletter-43



1. Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR) is an independent UK-based organisation of ethically concerned science, design and technology professionals. Founded in 1992, it has approximately 900 members. For more details, see /

2. Electronic copies of newsletter articles are released over a period of several months. Printed copies of the newsletter are mailed to SGR members upon publication. Back issues of the SGR Newsletter are available to download. For more details, see: /publications/sgr-newsletters

3. For further information, phone SGR Director, Dr Stuart Parkinson on 07941 953640

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