Announcing Scientists for Global Responsibility Newsletter 45

Media release, 24 February 2017

A range of expert authors provide novel and important analysis of controversial issues in science, design and technology.

Feature articles cover:

  • Could Trident be hacked?
  • Research update on fracking and public health
  • Science in the Trump-May era
  • Expanding renewable electricity in the UK
  • Are commercial priorities threatening academic research?
  • Links between military and civilian nuclear industries
  • Arms and fossil fuels industries’ influence in schools
  • The landmine ban: 20 years on
  • The risks of nuclear submarine decommissioning

A full list of articles is given here.


1. Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR) is an independent UK-based organisation of ethically concerned science, design and technology professionals. Founded in 1992, it has approximately 750 members. For more details, see /

2. Electronic copies of articles from SGR Newsletter no.45 are being released over a period of several months, with some publicly available now – see: /publications/sgr-newsletter-45

3. Printed copies of the newsletter are mailed to SGR members upon publication. Back issues of the SGR Newsletter are available to download. For more details, see: /publications/sgr-newsletters

4. For further information, phone SGR Director, Dr Stuart Parkinson on 07941 953640

SGR Newsletter

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