The climatic impacts and humanitarian problems from the use of the UK's nuclear weapons

This briefing presents evidence that the detonation of the nuclear warheads carried on just one UK Trident submarine would lead to vast quantities of smoke being generated that would led to a sharp climate cooling, causing a global crop failure which would threaten the lives of some 1 billion people. This would be in addition to the deaths of over 10 million people killed directly by blast, fire and fallout from the nuclear explosions.

SGR briefing by Dr Philip Webber; 26 February 2013.

Further details, including access to electronic and printed copies of the briefing

This briefing was launched as one of six UK-focused reports on the humanitarian impacts of nuclear weapons to feed into the Oslo intergovernmental conference on this issue (4-5 March 2013). All six can be downloaded from ICAN-UK (the UK branch of the International Campaign Against Nuclear Weapons).