Latest Scientists for Global Responsibility Newsletter (no. 37)

Press release, 11 March 2009

Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR) has published its Spring 2009 Newsletter - 28 pages of in-depth articles by leading experts examining the latest controversial issues in science, design and technology. This edition of the SGR Newsletter includes articles on:

  • the low carbon routes out of global economic crisis;
  • the Ministry of Defence's controversial efforts to entice young engineers into military work;
  • the urgent need to accelerate the use of sustainable design in the buildings sector;
  • the flaws in the deterrence argument used by UK government to justify its nuclear weapons system;
  • a debate over the prospects for low-carbon, non-nuclear electricity in the UK.

For further information, contact SGR at or 01303 851965>


  1. Scientists for Global Responsibility is an independent UK-based organisation of ethically-concerned science, design and technology professionals. Founded in 1992, it has approximately 1000 members. For more details see: /
  2. The full contents list for Scientists for Global Responsibility Newsletter, no.37 (Spring 2009) is given here


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