Lessons from finance and place-based dialogue on rapid, just transition

At the heart of the recovery from COVID-19 at least two national imperatives need to converge: conversion to a successful net-zero-emission economy and ‘levelling up’ economic and social prospects across the UK. This is the challenge of the just transition – delivering climate action that generates positive social outcomes - because the scale and speed of the economic transformation will have immense impacts. The 'Banking on a Just Transition' project was launched in 2019, as a pilot project that aims to identify how banking can support a rapid, just, net-zero emission economic conversion across the UK. The project has included place-based consultation workshops including banks and other financial institutions, as well as policymakers, business, trade unions and civil society in Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Cornwall, Edinburgh and Leeds.

Presentation by Prof Nick Robins, Grantham Institute, London School of Economics, at the SGR conference Transition Now

7 November 2020


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