Scientists, Architects and Engineers join together to promote ethics

Press release, 3 November 2005

At a recent London conference, Architects and Engineers for Social Responsibility became part of Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR). SGR – an independent UK-based organisation which now comprises approximately 850 members across the natural and social sciences, engineering, IT, architecture and design – has the aim of ‘promoting ethical science, design and technology’.

Dr Philip Webber, incoming Chair of SGR said: "There are many major issues currently facing the UK – not least the growing impacts of climate change, the possibility of new build of nuclear power plants, the decision on the future of the Trident nuclear weapons system, and the degree to which the military and big business bias scientific research. Tackling these issues will need to utilise the combined expertise of scientists, engineers, architects and other professionals. But we must also put a greater priority on social and environmental concerns – rather than economic and military ones – in order to help create a better, safer, fairer world. The new SGR is well placed in this regard to influence government, the public and professionals across all sectors."


1. Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR) carries out research, education, and lobbying centred around the military, environmental and political aspects of science, design and technology and provides a support network for ethically-concerned professionals in these areas.

2. The joint conference was entitled Science, design and technology: pursuing an ethical agenda and took place on Saturday 22nd October at Friends House in London. Main speakers were Prof David Webb (Leeds Metropolitan University), Mark Whitby FREng (Whitbybird Ltd) and Prof Keith Barnham (Imperial College, London) who spoke on issues including military influence on technology, nuclear power and renewable energy. It was attended by 80 people. For a more information on the event, see /events/science-design-and-technology-pursuing-ethical-agenda


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