SGR is now hydro-powered!

ResponsibleSci blog, 18 December 2014

Today, the electricity supplied to SGR's office at Halton Mill came from a new community hydro plant just up-river, installed by Halton Lune Hydro (HLH). This morning the plant passed the test to enable it to export electricity to the grid.

The electricity is being generated by a 100kW Kaplan turbine. A second turbine is planned to be installed in a year's time. When both turbines are operating, it is expected to supply enough electricity for 300 average homes, saving over 500 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

HLH is a 'society for the benefit of the community' or 'Bencom'.

The plant has been fitted with a fish screen, fish pass and monitoring system - all approved by the Environment Agency - which will lead to local ecological benefits.

More information is available on HLH's website.

Investors are still welcome to buy shares to support the installation of the second turbine.

HLH generator

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