What is the potential for rapid transition of the aviation industry after Covid-19?

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic the aviation industry was facing a crisis due to the reality of the climate emergency. In spite of regular hype there was no viable technology available possible of weening the industry at scale of its dependence on fossil fuels. Now the pandemic threatens bankruptcy to large parts of the sector worldwide. The industry faces a major responsibility to develop plans for industrial conversion if workforces are to be saved. There are even the first signs of some in the industry facing the inevitable as SBB, the German rail operator, with too few train drivers, is in conversation with Swissair, which will soon have too many pilots. What is the direction of travel now for aviation?

Presentation by Dr Lucy Gilliam, Transport and Environment, at SGR conference, Transition Now

7 November 2020

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Plane (Holger Detjea via Pixabay)

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