We carry out a wide range of projects promoting responsible science and technology. They range from research to policy and education. As an example, we were part of the campaign awarded the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize. Our current projects are listed on the left of this page and can also be explored using the search function.

SGR has published ten briefings as part of its project work on ethical careers in science, design and technology. We have also published articles and given presentations. The main outputs are listed in this section.

The organisations listed provide one or more of the following:

  • employment for scientists and engineers in an area considered 'ethical'
  • training courses for scientists and engineers in areas considered 'ethical'
  • specific information concerning employment in the 'ethical' area in which they work.


SGR formed this study group recognising that population is an important component of sustainability, which can, however, only be assessed properly if explicitly linked with consumption.


What they said about our reports...

A few of the many websites which contain critical analysis of military involvement in science, engineering, technology.

Journey by Train and Boat from Europe to the UN Climate Convention in Kyoto (November - December 1997)