Responsible Science no. 4

Responsible Science is SGR’s journal in which we explore some of the biggest ethical challenges facing science and technology today. It comes with membership of SGR and keeps you up-to-date with what we’re doing as an independent, membership organisation made up of hundreds of natural scientists, social scientists, engineers and people who are simply interested. Contents include in-depth feature articles, reviews, and news on SGR's activities.

April 2022

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In issue no.4...

Feature articles

News from SGR

  • Editorial
  • Science and peace campaigning
  • COP26 activities
  • Science Oath for the Climate
  • Globally Responsible Careers in STEM
  • Science4Society Week 2022
  • One Planet One Life: school workshops
  • SGR Anniversaries
  • New project to reduce food waste
  • New National Co-ordinating Committee and staff

Event review