SGR Conferences

Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR) organises a conference roughly once a year on issues of concern related to science, design and technology. Keynote speakers are leading researchers/commentators in their field, and the event also includes SGR's Annual General Meeting, together with poster sessions or workshops.

This section of the website includes details of the current/forthcoming conference, together with reports of previous conferences. Links to conference presentations and related material are provided where available.


SGR Conference and AGM 2002

Friends Meeting House, London; 27 April 2002

Main presentation:
'What Does Society Need Science For?' by John Ziman, Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of Bristol

Workshops: How Should Science Be Funded?; Biotechnology and the Influence of Vested Interests; Science Communication - should scientists listen more?


SGR Conference and AGM 2001
(Part of a conference organised by Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, and Yorkshire CND)

Leeds University; 4-6 May 2001

Summary by Patrick Nicholson, Philip Webber, Alan Cottey and Yunus Yasin



SGR Conference and AGM 1998

Mary Ward House, London WC1, November

Main presentations:
'Biotechnology and the Social Responsibility of Science' by Dr Mae-Wan Ho, Reader in Biology, Open University
'Genetically Modified Foods - What's the Problem?' by Prof Derek Burke, Former Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes

Workshops: Genetic Engineering; The Climate Train to Kyoto; Transport and Climate Change; Getting SGR better known

Summary by Dani Kaye, Alan Mayne, and Stuart Parkinson



SGR Conference and AGM 1997

Mary Ward House, London WC1; 15 November 1997

Main presentation:
'A Richter Scale for Risk?' by Prof John Adams, University College London

Workshops: Climate Change - the track to Kyoto; SGR and Grassroots Activity; Non-Lethal Weapons

Summary by Alan Mayne and Philip Webber


SGR Conference and AGM 1996

Mary Ward House, London WC1; 16 November 1996

Main presentation:
'Climate Change - The Inter/Intra-National Politics of Contraction and Convergence' by Aubrey Meyer, Global Commons Institute

Workshops: Toxic Legacy - Military Bases; Wings of Death - Low-Level Radiation; SGR Policy 2000

Summary by Dani Kaye and Alasdair Philips



SGR Conference and AGM 1995

London; November 1995

Main presentations:
'Science and the Environmental Ethic' by George Monbiot, Oxford University
'The Natural Step' by Dr David Gladstone, The Natural Step

Workshops: Science Matters; Ethics Guide; Electro-Magnetic Fields and Health