Career principles

Developing your own Career Principles

If you have looked through the Self-assessment sections and thought about your answers to the questions about

  • The work you want to do and what is important to you about the nature of the work
  • Employers and the type of organisation and its activities

as well as:

  • Issues of global responsibility and how important these are to you

The you are now in a position to develop your own Career Principles by completing the following:

I will…


I will not…

The most important things to me in my career are…

I will consider…

It is my responsibility to…

I would/would not compromise on…


I will look for work to use my skills with people and my qualifications

I will not work for an arms manufacturer

The most important things to me in my career are that my work has an impact on those disadvantaged in society and my work life balance

I will consider working abroad

It is my responsibility to help those less fortunate than myself

I will not compromise on my values of environmental sustainability

SGR, Globally Responsible Careers 2021