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This section of the website includes details of external events, together with their outputs . Links to conference presentations and related material are provided where available.

The world's militaries are major carbon emitters yet are not even required to report their emissions, let alone reduce them. This workshop will discuss the size of military carbon emissions, the role of the military sector in protecting the extraction economy, how they seek to capitalise on the climate crisis by offering armed 'solutions', and how we might confront military power and forge lasting just alternatives to war.

Monday 8 November; 16.15-17.45 (UK time)

As part of the conference, Save the Earth, Abolish War, Dr Parkinson discussed the large but neglected carbon emissions of the UK and the world's militaries. These emissions are often not included within national inventories, and in many cases not even estimated at all. He argued that governments both need to count these emissions and rapidly reduce them in the struggle against the climate crisis.

Venue: Mander Hall, Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London WC1H 9BD (UK)

Date and time: Saturday 29 June; 09.30 to 17.00

Lecture by Dr Stuart Parkinson, Executive Director, SGR

Bristol University, UK

Lecture slides now available

The third Martin Ryle lecture

Lecture by Sir Paul Nurse; Review by Alan Cottey

Paul Nurse speaks on the cultural and practical significance of scientific research

Science4Society Week (S4S Week) is a collection of science education activities designed to inspire young people. They are co-ordinated by Scientists for Global Responsibility, and focus on the contribution that science and technology can make to peace, social justice and environmental sustainability.

The project was set up to provide an alternative to activities funded by the arms and fossil fuel industries.

In 2020, the theme of S4S Week is tackling waste and pollution in their many forms.