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July 2001

Feature articles cover: weapons in space; 'Missile Defence'; UK science funding


February 2001

Feature articles cover: global ethical challenges; nuclear weapons in Israel and India; international climate policy; GM crops


Journey by Train and Boat from Europe to the UN Climate Convention in Kyoto November - December 1997

Authors : Ben Matthews, Michelle Valentine

Published : September 1998

Pages : 63 + iv

London After the Bomb

What a Nuclear Attack Really Means

Five research scientists give a straightforward account of the consequences of a nuclear attack on a major city, using London as their prime example. They discuss the effects of radiation; problems with law and order; shortages of food and water; destruction of power supplies, transport, communications; and the long-term effects - not only on human beings but also on the Earth's natural environment.

Owen Greene, Barry Rubin, Neil Turok, Philip Webber, and Graeme Wilkinson