Issues: Emerging technologies

Emerging technologies

SGR produces a range of resources on the issue of 'Emerging technologies'. This covers a wide range of new and controversial technologies such as hydraulic fracturing (fracking), artificial intelligence and autonomous systems, climate/ geo-engineering, genetically-modified organisms and synthetic biology, and nanotechnologies. An explicit concern is the adequate application of the precautionary principle, and the possible alternatives to emerging technologies, including 'appropriate' technology and non-technological solutions such economic, political or social change.

SGR Response to GM Science Review by Eva Novotny, 30 May 2003

Text of Submission to the Scottish Parliament Re:Farm-scale Trials of Genetically Modified (GM) Oilseed Rape at Munlochy, Scotland; 3 March 2003

SGR Submission to the Scottish Parliamentary Health and Community Care Committee, November 2002

Article by Eva Novotny from SGR Newsletter 25, July 2002

Summary by Philip Webber, SGR, June 2002

Chardon Report I, May 2002. Chardon LL is intended to be fed, as a whole plant, to cattle. No experiments on the suitability of such a diet have been made. Approval of the application of Aventis for commercial growing of this maize in the United Kingdom was granted on the basis of two animal-feeding experiments, one on the feeding of maize kernels to chickens and the other on the feeding of the isolated GM protein to rats.

Summary and full report, May 2002 

Report IV, May 2002 

Report V, May 2002