Climate change & the military: main outputs

This section lists SGR's main outputs on: military carbon emissions; comparisons between resources used for military activities and those used for tackling climate change; and the links between climate change and conflict.


The environmental impacts of the UK military sector
Stuart Parkinson; May 2020

Main presentations*

The carbon boot-print of the military
Stuart Parkinson; Movement for the Abolition of War conference, London; June 2019

Could climate change lead to a nuclear war?
Stuart Parkinson; CND conference, London; October 2017

UK military-industrial interests and climate change
Stuart Parkinson; People's Climate Summit, Paris, France; December 2015

Nuclear weapons and climate catastrophe
Philip Webber; SGR conference, London; November 2015

Demilitarization for deep decarbonization
Tamara Lorincz; SGR conference, London; November 2015

Climate change and military conflict
Stuart Parkinson; Movement for the Abolition of War AGM, London; November 2008

Guns and global warming: war, peace and the environment
Stuart Parkinson; Network for Peace AGM, London; February 2007

* all venues in the UK except where indicated

Main articles

UK military carbon footprint equivalent to over six million cars
Stuart Parkinson; Responsible Science blog; May 2020

Military spending hits record levels, while climate finance falls short
Stuart Parkinson; Laboratory News; June 2018

A climate of insecurity
Stuart Parkinson; Responsible Science blog; November 2015

Wind turbines and solar panels into nuclear weapons: the UK's new industrial strategy?
Stuart Parkinson; The Ecologist; October 2015

Climate or military?
Stuart Parkinson; Laboratory News; April 2014

Nuclear weapons over wind turbines? UK R&D policies are warped
Stuart Parkinson; New Scientist; February 2014

War in Libya – the role of the arms and oil industries
Stuart Parkinson; SGR Newsletter; October 2011

Military R&D 85 times larger than renewable energy R&D
Stuart Parkinson; SGR Newsletter; winter 2008

Joint outputs

UK military and arms companies produce more carbon emissions than 60 individual countries
Matt Kennard and Mark Curtis, Declassified UK; May 2020

Conflict and climate change (video)
Movement for the Abolition of War; October 2013