Winter 2005

Feature articles cover: sustainability and engineering; torture technology; science policy; UK nuclear weapons; climate change and energy policy; climate science

February 2005: Special Joint Issue with Architects and Engineers for Social Responsibility (AESR)

Feature articles cover: military involvement in science and technology; climate change and energy policy; science policy; localisation

Soldiers in the Laboratory

Military involvement in science and technology - and some alternatives

This report documents the power and influence of the military in science, engineering and technology (SET) in the UK over the past 15 years, and investigates whether some reallocation of the resources that the military currently devotes to weapons-related SET would contribute better to the goals of peace, social justice and environmental sustainability.

Chris Langley, with Stuart Parkinson and Philip Webber


July 2004

Feature articles cover: ethical science policy; GM technology; ethical careers in agriculture

Final issue of Architects and Engineers for Social Responsibility (AESR) Newsletter, June 2004

Feature articles cover: sustainable energy policy in UK; education fees; challenges in engineering

Author: David Webb

Published: April 2004

Pages : 8

Author: Philip Webber

Published: December 2003

Pages : 8

November 2003

Feature articles cover: nuclear terrorism; UK nuclear weapons; climate science debate; vaccination policy

Published: September 2003

Pages: 16

July 2003

Feature articles cover: 'nuclear winter'; nuclear waste; ethics and scientists