Nuclear Weapons Threat: Main outputs

SGR and its predecessor SANA have published several reports and books concerning the threat from nuclear weapons, as well as producing several other outputs. Some of these have been input into international negotiations on nuclear disarmament. The main ones are listed here, while all recent material is indexed in the security and disarmament section of this website. Read on...

Reports, books and briefings

Nuclear weapons: a beginner’s guide to the threats
Philip Webber; May 2017

UK nuclear weapons: a catastrophe in the making?
Philip Webber, Stuart Parkinson; August 2015

The climatic impacts and humanitarian problems from the use of the UK's nuclear weapons
Philip Webber; February 2013

Humanitarian consequences: short case study of the direct humanitarian impacts from a single nuclear weapon detonation on Manchester, UK
Richard Moyes, Philip Webber and Greg Crowther; February 2013 (published by Article 36)

London after the bomb: what a nuclear attack really means
Owen Greene, Barry Rubin, Neil Turok, Philip Webber, and Graeme Wilkinson; 1982


Main presentations

Abolishing nuclear weapons
Stuart Parkinson, Lancaster, April 2018

Trident, nuclear winter and the delusion of deterrence
Philip Webber, York University, September 2017

UK nuclear weapons: an introduction to the risks
Stuart Parkinson, Lancaster, October 2016

Nuclear weapons and climate catastrophe
Philip Webber, SGR conference, London, October 2015

Humanitarian problems from the use of nuclear weapons - and some solutions?
Philip Webber, SGR conference, London, November 2013

Humanitarian problems from the use of a nuclear weapon on a UK city
Philip Webber, Town Hall, Manchester, October 2013


Main articles

The threat of nuclear war is all too real
Philip Webber, Metro, May 2019

"Unaffordable" and "unachievable": the continuing problems of Trident renewal
Philip Webber and Stuart Parkinson, Responsible Science journal, February 2019

The history of accidents in the UK’s nuclear weapons programme
David Cullen and Peter Burt, SGR Newsletter, April 2018

Nuclear deterrence: a failed doctrine?
Philip Webber, Huffington Post UK, April 2018

Could Trident be hacked?
Aleem Datoo, SGR Newsletter, February 2017

Trident, deterrence and UK security
Philip Webber, SGR Newsletter, January 2016

Why now is the right time to abolish the UK's nuclear weapons
Philip Webber, New Scientist, May 2015

Too close for comfort: cases of near nuclear use and options for policy
Sasan Aghlani, SGR Newsletter, winter 2015

The humanitarian and climatic impacts of the use of the UK’s nuclear weapons
Philip Webber, Nuclear Monitor, April 2013

Deterrence irrelevance: Trident, Britain and nuclear weapons
Nick Ritchie, SGR Newsletter, spring 2009

High-alert nuclear weapons: the forgotten danger
Steven Starr, SGR Newsletter, autumn 2008

Could one Trident submarine cause 'nuclear winter'?
Philip Webber, SGR Newsletter, winter 2008

The costs of replacing Trident
Stuart Parkinson, Physics World, March 2007

Does anybody remember the nuclear winter?
Stuart Parkinson, SGR Newsletter, July 2003

Other outputs

Scientists welcome adoption of nuclear ban treaty
SGR press release, July 2017

Stephen Hawking and other leading scientists urge MPs to vote against Trident renewal
SGR press release, July 2016

Nobel physicians warn two billion at risk from nuclear famine
SGR press release, December 2013